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Pregnancy FAQs – The Top Ten

It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through this pregnancy. As the school year begins to wind down and that huge circle on the calendar (July 18th) draws nearer and nearer, the reality that we’ll actually have a baby come this summer is sinking in more and more. There is still quite a bit to decide on and prepare for, but I feel good about where we’re at … at least for now! Ask me again in another month or two and I might be in freak-out mode.

I wanted to compile a list of answers to some of the more common questions we’ve been asked since announcing we were expecting. If you’ve read this far, perhaps you’re interested; if not, I guess you can stop reading now. 😉 In no particular order, here are the answers to the top ten most frequently asked questions about this pregnancy:

When/How did you find out?

Answered here.

How are you feeling?

Emergency trip to the ER
Emergency trip to the ER

Well, if you’d asked me a month ago, I would have said pretty good. I thankfully avoided most of the common first trimester ailments other than fatigue. No morning sickness here! However, the second trimester has been a bit of a beast when it comes to breathing. My asthma is worse than it’s ever been, making me extremely dependent upon my inhalers. The past couple of days have been especially bad, but we went to the hospital for emergency treatment yesterday and met with my doctor today who prescribed some new inhalers and a nebulizer that will hopefully help.

Where will the baby be born?

Barring any unforeseen complications, Baby H will be born here in Indonesia. We had to wait for our anatomy/anomaly scan to make sure the baby wouldn’t be in need of certain types of specialty medical care primarily found in Singapore or Bangkok, but everything looked great at 21 weeks. The plan is to deliver at a hospital in Jakarta.

What is the healthcare like in Jakarta?

Really good! This being my first pregnancy, I don’t really have a point of comparison when it comes to obstetric care, but I’m really happy with my doctor and the office he works out of. Everyone is very professional, and almost everyone speaks English. I’ve had an ultrasound at every appointment, which I’ve been told is not common in the US. Both my sister-in-law and good friend have delivered babies here using the same doctor and for the most part had really good experiences. I’m sure I would be a little more nervous were it not for those who have gone before me, but seeing Sharon and Julie make it through unscathed has given me a lot more confidence!

What about citizenship?

Baby H will be an American citizen born abroad. There is a lot of paperwork we have to complete through the US embassy and Indonesian immigration office to obtain a passport, Social Security number, and visa, but it’s fairly common and something the school’s HR department will assist with. Indonesia doesn’t offer dual citizenship, so Baby H will be fully American, although technically not born and bred. 😉

Will your family come for the birth?

Yes! My (Sarah’s) mom and aunt plan to be here for the actual birth (assuming everything progresses somewhat on schedule) and a few weeks after. My mother-in-law plans to come a week or so after my mom and aunt leave.  So, so excited!!  Before we found out we were expecting, our plan had been to travel home this summer. However, in light of new developments, we are postponing that visit until Christmas break. We hope to travel back with a snuggly little five month-er in tow so baby can meet other American family and friends.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Wouldn’t you like to know?! We’re going old school on this one and choosing to be surprised. We have to remind our doctor at every visit that we don’t want to know!

What are your name choices?

Answered here. We may not know the sex just yet, but we have the perfect names picked out whether boy or girl. 🙂

What will you (Sarah) do after the baby is born?

I actually plan to stay home, at least for the first year. We are incredibly thankful for this opportunity, considering that it would have been a lot more difficult in the States. David’s contract provides for our housing and healthcare, so we’ll be transitioning from DINKs (double income, no kids) to SIWKs (single income, with kid … doesn’t have quite the ring of “DINK,” does it?) in July. It won’t always be comfortable, but we’re looking forward to a season that will require an increased dependence upon the Lord as well as a more disciplined stewardship of our resources. In other words, you probably won’t be seeing any more exotic vacation pictures anytime soon …

Why is there a Boston Celtics’ logo on the baby’s shirt?

Announcing Baby H!
Announcing Baby H!

I guess this isn’t technically an FAQ, considering only one person has asked, but it cracked us up, so we feel compelled to share/respond here.  Our good friend Randy assisted us in designing our “We’re expecting!” announcement, and he added the clover in the corner as a surprise bonus.  David and I were married on St. Patrick’s Day, and we fully embraced all things green and clover.  Evidently it’s now become the Hall family logo.