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Bittersweet: An Update from Indonesia (Illustrated Edition)

As of today, I am no longer employed as a teacher. A few nights ago several coworkers gathered for dinner as a kind of end of year celebration/farewell dinner for me and David (more on that later), and we all got a chance to talk about our highs and lows of the past year. The one word that came to mind was bittersweet. I suppose it’s kind of a cliché word in terms of goodbyes, but I think it’s the best word there is.

Bitter. I won’t use this blog as an avenue to air dirty laundry, but honestly the past two years have been hard. At times, really, really hard. I shared awhile back that we tried to move here with no real expectations but quickly found that no matter how much you plan to “go with the flow,” there are moments that “the flow” feels like it’s going to kill you. Things were often just difficult. Housing, transportation, work load, personalities … all difficulties God used to grow and strengthen us and ultimately draw us closer to him.

Which brings me to the sweet. Despite the difficulties, the past two years have brought innumerable blessings.

  • We were able to spend time with the Atkins family (David’s sister), including our two precious nephews.
Atkins Family
Many great memories with Dave, Sharon, Caleb, and Joseph!
  • We’ve been able to travel all around Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
SE Asia Travels
Top from left: Cambodia, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia), Lombok (Indonesia), Laos, Vietnam, Jogja (Indoensia), Myanmar, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore
  • We got to work together for the third year in a row.
Senior School Retreat & Batik Day
Senior School Retreat & Batik Day
  • We started teaching youth Sunday School at our church.
JIBC youth
JIBC youth
  • We taught terrific students at our school.
Batik Day & Movie Night
Batik Day & Movie Night
  • We worked alongside some incredible coworkers.
Clockwise from left: Good friends and coworkers from last year, Visiting Jogja with Ms. Fidel, Sweet friends and coworkers at my baby shower, David's birthday with our boss and his family
Clockwise from left: Good friends and coworkers from last year, Visiting Jogja with Ms. Fidel, Sweet friends and coworkers at my baby shower, David’s birthday with our boss and his family

These are the people it’s hardest to leave behind.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we planned to stay in Indonesia for the birth but that I would not be returning to work next year. What we haven’t shared, however, is that we will be moving in about a week and a half because David is transferring to another SPH campus. We’re sad to leave so many wonderful people behind in Lippo Cikarang, but we’re looking forward to the new chapter at Kemang Village. David will be a bit more streamlined teaching only Bible and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) as opposed to this year’s quite full load of Bible, TOK, English, University Counseling, Chapel and House Coordination. I get to reduce my teaching load 100%! 😉 The transfer is a benefit to us all as we’ll be much closer to our church (a five to ten minute commute as opposed to an hour) and young families as we begin our journey as a party of three. Knowing that we’ll only be an hour or so away from Cikarang made yesterday’s goodbyes a bit sweeter and a tad less bitter.

So that’s the update. I am 35 weeks today, which means (approximately) 35 days to go! THAT is crazy. We move in about a week and a half, so please pray that the baby stays put until we’ve at least had a few days (preferably weeks) to settle into our new home!