Monthly Archives: December 2013



The past three and a half years have been full, and I mean FULL, of changes.  Graduating from grad school.  Dating, getting engaged to, and marrying David.  Three (four if you count my summer internship) job changes.  Moving just as many times, one of which being internationally.  And while part of me loves change, there’s another part crying out for a little stability.  Normalcy.  Please, Lord.

This upcoming year looks to be possibly just that.  For the first time in my tenure as a teacher, I will (hopefully) be teaching the same things … to the same students … at the same school.  I will live (hopefully) in the same house with the same (definitely) husband.  It will be glorious.

While I am certainly looking forward to some constancy in life, there are a few changes I’m looking forward to in 2014.  Goals and resolutions abound in social media circles these days, and I am throwing mine in the mix.  Six years ago, I shared an audacious goal of mine with the world in a blog post in part because of the increased accountability such a public declaration offered.  I accomplished that goal, and my hope with this post is to lay the groundwork for similar success.

There is nothing special or unique about my 2014 goals/resolutions.  They are pretty ordinary and typical.  However, they are needful.  I have let the changes of the last few years unhinge some of the disciplines that had been fundamental to who I was.  I used to be someone who ate healthily.  I used to be someone who worked out.  I used to be someone who read Scripture routinely and voraciously.  I don’t know who I am without those things.  While 2014 looks to be a year of not many (or any) big life changes, I hope to make a few small changes that have the potential to make a huge difference.

So I need a little accountability.  And rather than turning this blog into a fitness or Bible reading blog, I’m going to employ Twitter.  I have had a Twitter for awhile now but have yet to tweet.  In 2014, my resolution/goal is to tweet the following …

Every day: Scripture read & workout completed

Every week: Kilos lost (or gained : / )

Every month: Book read

Every year (well, at the end of the year): Places traveled

Those last two are my and David’s goals.  We’ve chosen to read one book of fiction together each month (actually starting this past month with The Brothers Karamazov … talk about audacious goals) and have a “book club” date at the end of the month.  We’re also planning a rad Southeast Asian summer tour … seven countries in four-ish weeks.  Thanks to our brother-in-law and his Christmas gift of Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, David is planning said tour even as I type.

Here’s hoping for a stable 2014 that allows for some much needed change.  However, I have found these words to be true, no matter what season I find myself in:

“In the harvest feast or the fallow ground, my certain hope is in Jesus found.”